Let us make organizations humane

Being humane is the simplest thing humans can do. Humane is the characteristic of having or showing compassion or benevolence. It is the most basic part of being humans. Yet, organizations, of which humans are the most fundamental building block, do not act humane.

Let me give some examples. Most of the organizations have an entry system through which they monitor the time their people spend inside the organization. And when people spend very less time inside the office, someone talks to them and puts them in their spot. But how many organizations take the extra effort to talk to people who spend a lot of time inside the office and educate them about the harms of overworking and burnout?

Many organizations celebrate success. Because humans are hard-wired to celebrate success. But how many organizations celebrate failures as learning opportunities? Many organizations in fact ask their people to be silent about their failures because they feel that their competitors can use their failures against them.

We are always taught to focus on what we do and not look at what others do. We teach our kids to not bother about the results their friends achieve. Yet, organizations are focused on understanding the details of their competitors that they forget about their own work.

Many organizations have a set of principles or a code of conduct which waxes eloquent on what their people are supposed to do, how they are supposed to behave, and the way they are supposed to talk and react. Yet, very few organizations tell their people to be themselves. They want them to be someone else, and not the ones the organizations hired.

Words like ASAP, by EOD, Hurry, Deadline, are etched in the corporate lexicons of many organizations. Well, who talks like that? Then why do organizations need to sound like that? Many organizations do not deal with true emergencies, yet most of them behave as if the future of the world depends on a single mail that has to be send soon. Why does it have to be so crazy in the workplace?

Simple organizations need to be more humane. By humane, I mean organizations which do not bother the time people spend inside the office, lets people take risks and celebrates failures as learning opportunities, lets people be themselves, and is not always crazy. There can be many more things that can define a humane organization, but the most important thing is the fact that humane organizations keep things simple and treat and trust their people as individuals who act with accountability. So, go ahead and create a simple organization.

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