Why releasing software on a Wednesday makes better sense?

Have you ever looked at your employees on a Friday evening and seen people scampering around to submit their deliverables for the week? It is common across many organizations. That deliverable they are about to submit will tell the organization the work they did over the last one week.

But things are always not straight-forward. It is common that people miss deadlines. It is also not uncommon to have some problems in your deliverable, whether it is a presentation or a software or even a piece of cloth. Perfection is a hard thing for humans to attain.

This is not because people want to do so. It is because it happens. And then the whole house comes down. Weekends are spoilt. Spoilt weekends cause the new weeks to start on a bad note. And the activities planned for the next week take a backseat. And the vicious cycle continues.

What is one of the best ways to negate this. Plan your week as Thursday – Wednesday. Or even Friday – Thursday. This lets people have a break in between where they may, or they may not, think about the progress they make. And it leaves enough room to sort out any bugs or defects that may have crept in. And even if you miss any deadline, it is OK. You have two more days in the week to catchup so that your weekends are not spoilt.

Moreover, people have been found to be less sharp on Fridays because of the looming weekend. No wonder people tend to let their hair down on Fridays. Thank God Its Fridays.

Also, no product releases happen without bugs which are also be called unknown unknowns. In fact, it has been found that the queries to product customer care spike after a product release. And a release on Fridays means that people are not available to fix these queries.  

In fact, not shipping on a Friday is an unwritten rule in the world of software engineering.[i]  Apple ships their releases on a Tuesday, leaving Monday to catch any unwanted bugs and the rest of the week to deploy any changes that may have come because of the releases. And Apple has certainly succeeded in releasing amazing software.

Shipping software or releasing a product on a Friday can be scary. Even the people working in an organization think so. They do not want to lose their weekends. If it works for your organization, try to ship on an earlier day. Make it a way of working for your organization if it works for you. And certainly, it will improve the way you work and make things simple.

[i] “Don’t deploy on Friday” and 3 other “unwritten rules” of software engineering; Clubhouse.io; Tobias Merkle; March 14, 2019; https://clubhouse.io/blog/dont-deploy-on-frida-3-other-unwritten-rules-of-software-engineering/

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